One of Cummings' largest single building includes the brand new home of the 150,000 square foot Middlesex County Superior Court, directly abutting Interstate 95 in Woburn. Completed in 2009, this stunning new office complex is one of the most visible and unique structures along the entire length of I-95 from Bangor to Miami. It is already home to 51client firms, including four law firms, and many software developers, healthcare facilities, and business offices of all sorts.
A leader in Boston commercial real estate

From its beginnings in 1970 in Woburn, Massachusetts, Cummings Properties, LLC (CPL) has evolved into one of the most prominent, full-service commercial real estate organizations in Boston. Cummings Properties leases award winning Massachusetts office space and other commercial space near Interstate 95 in 10 metropolitan Boston communities. With more than $100 million in annual volume from leasing alone, CPL is also one of the most financially solid real estate firms in the country. See "About Us."

One of the companyís strongest assets has continued to be its ability to offer well-located very inexpensive, desirable office and research space to multitudes of fast growing companies. Client firms recognize that in Massachusetts the most prime, fertile opportunities for success lie along the coveted Route 128 and Interstate 93 corridors, where most of Cummings Propertiesí facilities are located.

A very vertically integrated totally debt-free company, the Cummings organization has more than 10 million square feet of Class A and low-cost Massachusetts office, executive office and research space for lease near Cambridge. About half of the firmís portfolio has been built from the ground up.

The balance consists of mostly large or very large commercial buildings which have undergone major rehabilitation efforts, like the sprawling Cummings Center office park in Beverly, MA. In addition, CPL currently has more than a million square feet of brand new buildings in various permit-pending stages.

New construction and acquisitions have expanded the portfolio to include 86 major Massachusetts office and research buildings with a current total of 2,300 client firms. These include extremely well-located buildings for inexpensive Boston area offices, executive offices, laboratory, and research facilities, as well as major production and distribution space.

The firm also has several buildings reserved exclusively for research and development work of all types. Cummings Foundation even operates two large not-for-profit retirement and assisted living communities in Boston, which offer very comfortable retirement homes for more than 600 residents, combined.

Cummings Properties can customize buildouts to meet almost any tenant requirement for MA office and research space. The firm has designed and built hundreds of highly specialized facilities, including tempest rooms, radio and TV studios, biotech labs, cleanrooms, hospital operating rooms, and complete medical centers, as well as thousands of major office, retail, warehouse, and R&D spaces. At Cummings Center in Beverly, there are presently more than 50 medical and dental practices and other medical facilities of all sorts.

Unusually, Cummings Properties maintains its own 14-person in-house award-winning design and architectural team, including five registered architects and engineers. Altogether, there are more than 320 full-time staff on Cummings Propertiesí year-round management, leasing, operations, and construction teams. Cummings Propertiesí experienced people truly understand and respond to the complex requirements of the most discerning clients.

Leasing commercial real estate in Boston

Leasing affordable turnkey office, research, or production space in Boston, Cambridge or elsewhere is one of the most critical decisions many firms will make.  And beyond the simple cost of the space itself, there are many even more serious considerations that must never be overlooked. Very important among these is the satisfaction, morale and productivity of the people who will occupy any facility.

While there will usually be substantial dollars involved in acquiring any space, the salaries incurred in actually populating the space are usually far greater by comparison. People who become non-productive, or whose motivation is lessened or restricted because of space they donít like, can quickly become a huge unjustifiable expense. Not withstanding all of the above, Cummings Properties leases inexpensive office space for as little as $8.00 per square foot.

Most of Cummings Properties' affordable ready-to-use office and medical buildings for lease in the Boston, Massachusetts area directly abut major highways. They also tend to be very close to other services or amenities that make use of their leased space much easier and more practical for all concerned. Cummings Park and West Cummings Park in Woburn, and Cummings Center in Beverly are outstanding examples of how effectively these useful services and amenities can be incorporated into well-thought-out business parks. Many buildings are Energy Star buildings or built to LEED standards.

Since its founding, Cummings Properties has always endeavored to bundle high quality leaseable real estate and prompt, professional, friendly service. Because of its solid goals and principles, the company has enjoyed three decades of growing economic success, community support, increased employee longevity, and an unlimited potential for future growth and opportunity. Starbucks and Au Bon Pain restaurants at Cummings' office and research parks near Boston are very popular. Cummings Center in Beverly MA is served by two on campus banks and by a full service branch of Merrill Lynch.

Cummings Foundation

The large majority of all Cummings Properties' buildings, including all of Cummings Park and West Cummings Park in Woburn, have been donated to, and are operated for the benefit of, Cummings Foundation, Inc. (CFI). Founded in 1986, CFI is an operating foundation, which also owns and operates the not-for-profit New Horizons retirement communities in Massachusetts. Additionally, CFI owns Veterinary School at Tufts, LLC, which it operates in conjunction with Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. All Cummings buildings in Burlington, Marlborough, Medford, Somerville, Stoneham, Sudbury, Wakefield and Wilmington are owned by the Foundation.


The remarkable new Cummings Center's low cost office and research buildings in Beverly, Massachusetts have a total of more than 2 million square feet of ready-to-use office, executive office, laboratory and development space in six major waterfront buildings. The newest is 500 Cummings Center, a six-story 300,000 square foot first class office building structure (shown above), completed in July 2006.

At all times, Cummings Properties promotes high ethical standards and nondiscrimination in all operations. Realizing that each communication among staff and between staff and clients reflects upon the company as a whole, we pride ourselves in attempting to set a high standard of excellence in all that we write and promote, as well.

Concurrently, treating both employees and clients with dignity and respect at all times is the catalyst for establishing and fostering mutually rewarding, long-term relationships for which our company has earned widespread esteem. We value that ours is a service industry, and we are here to serve to the best of our ability and potential. The combined seniority of Cummings Properties' 260-person staff is now greater than 2,100 years!

By identifying and fulfilling a clients' individual needs, we are better able to operate and develop our business in a focused, efficient manner. By perpetuating and increasing client successes, we promote and ensure our own success as a company. Efficiently accommodating our customer's needs today, means greater opportunity to serve them in years to come.

Lease low cost ready-to-use MA space for physician practices in a thriving medical community. More than 60 physician, dental, psychiatric, and other medical offices have already opened at Cummings Center in Beverly, MA.


For information on brand new 300,000 square foot waterfront office and research building at 500 Cummings Center, Beverly, MA, click below

TradeCenter 128 is a marvelous 550,000 square foot luxury office building located directly broadside to Interstate 95 (128) in Woburn, MA. It opened in March 2008, and is a pre-certified Gold Level LEED building. TradeCenter 128 offers seven floors of really spectacular space in one of the best locations anywhere. For more information, click below.


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Lease Boston, MA office space in the finest highway locations. Lease Masssachusetts office and commercial space in 10 Masachusetts communities. Offering more than 8 million square feet of the finest office, R&D, laboratory and research space.

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Lease Masssachusetts office or R&D space in Boston, Cambridge, Woburn, Beverly, Medford, Somerville, Stoneham, Sudbury, Wakefield and Wilmington, MA. Offering more than 8 million square feet of prime office, laboratory, research and commercial space for lease in Massachusetts. Lease large or small Massachusetts medical office space or any other commercial facilities.

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